About us

Enfield Diabetes Support Group was formed in 2005 by two patient representatives, both who were already part of the Diabetes Campaign Network, being asked by a member of the then NSF Diabetes committee if they would be interested in setting up a diabetes support group in the area.  From personal observations and experience, it was obvious that there were problems with the lack of cohesive and comprehensive information regarding diabetes.  Consequently the group was set up.

Soon after the support group was formed, it was clear that there was no uniform information provided by the then PCT, as it was known at the time, for people with diabetes.  The various handouts produced often gave conflicting advice.  In 2006, the chair and vice-chair were asked to be part of a working party that produced a booklet entitled 'Living with Diabetes'.  The PCT clinicians were asked for their comments and suggestions, as well as members of the support group who provided input and feedback.  This booklet has proved to be very successful and popular with the GP's and other diabetes healthcare professionals.  It was reprinted for the fifth time with updated information but is no longer available due to financial contstraints at the CCG.

Previous local MPs were very supportive of our group and actively helped in getting the booklet reprinted.  Current local MPs are also very supportive of our group.